How we got our start

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If you are familiar with Harvest Ridge Winery and Rebel Seed Cider, you may know that our owners, Chuck and Chris Nunan, have a heart for philanthropy. Every year at Harvest Ridge, we put on festivals that raise funds for our two most beloved groups: children and military veterans. In fact, their life goal is to someday write a check to a charity for $1.2 million! If you know Chuck and Chris personally- you know that goal will be fulfilled.

What you may not know, is that this year we are forming our own non-profit organization called Hero-Hunts Foundation. In our first year, we plan to host 10 military veterans on deer hunting expeditions in the local area- at absolutely no charge to the veterans.

Why are we doing this? A few years ago, Chuck was involved with a similar organization called Operation Whitetail. He was one of the supporters who volunteered to take in a vet, give him room and board, and take him hunting on his property. He even cooked him breakfast! In fact, our first Food Truck Competition at Harvest Ridge Winery in 2014 was to benefit this organization. However, Operation Whitetail’s founder was diagnosed with cancer shortly thereafter and made the hard decision to disband the organization. As a staunch supporter, Chuck has been considering the idea of picking up the baton and starting his own foundation with a similar mission; this year he’s making it a reality.

Chuck’s vision for Hero-Hunts is to expand services every year to more veterans and even add other hunting opportunities, like turkey or water fowl, or perhaps even fishing. Chuck and Chris have such love and respect for our military and it shows. Many times that I see Chuck talk about the future of Hero-Hunts Foundation with a tear in his eye. The men and women of the armed forces have given so much for the freedom of this country- and this is the Nunans’ way of giving back to them.

How can you help? The fall 2016 hunting season will be our first year of operation for the Hero-Hunts Foundation. Between now and then, we are looking for supporters to help get us going. If you are interested in donation opportunities, please contact Nan Nunan, our Charitable Events Coordinator and Treasurer at

This October we will hold our first Rebel Seed Fall Festival at the winery. Proceeds from the event will benefit Hero-Hunts Foundation. Mark your calendars! The event will begin Friday October 29th . Details are forthcoming, so be sure to “like” both the Harvest Ridge Winery and Rebel Seed Cider Facebook pages- and follow us on Twitter!

Starting in September and October we will ask for veteran applications. If you are a veteran (including Active Duty) or know someone who is, and would like more information on how to apply for the first Hero-Hunt, please contact me at

Our followers are our biggest source of advertisement. You guys rock! We ask that you please share this through social media to spread the word. Let’s make this hunting season (and those to come) special for our vets!

Alison Valliere
Tasting Room Manager
Rebel Seed Cider & Harvest Ridge Winery

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