History of Hero Hunts


Why are we doing this? Chuck was involved with a similar organization. He was one of the supporters who volunteered to take in a veteran, provide room and board, and take the veteran hunting on his property. He even cooked breakfast! In fact, the first Food Truck Competition at Harvest Ridge Winery in 2014 was to benefit this organization. As a  supporter of the organization, Chuck considered the idea of picking up the baton and starting his own foundation with a similar mission; thus Hero-Hunts began.

Chuck’s vision for Hero-Hunts is to expand services every year to more veterans and even add other outdoor opportunities, such as turkey or water fowl hunting, and perhaps even fishing. Chuck and his late wife Chris have such love and respect for our military and it shows. Often when Chuck talks about the future of the Hero-Hunts Foundation, there is a tear in his eye, it truly comes from his heart. The men and women of the armed forces have given so much for the freedom of this country and this is the Nunan’s way of giving back to them.