Hero Hunts Foundation (HHF) was founded in 2016 as a way for us to express our gratitude to the Service Members and Veterans of the US Armed Forces. We  have been supporting veterans and veterans groups locally in Delaware and the surrounding area, behind the scenes for a while and now this foundation will allow us to openly express our deep gratitude to the men and women who have, and who continue to, make sacrifices so we may remain free and safe.

The Mission of the Hero-Hunts Foundation is to recognize those who have served and sacrificed for our country by providing them the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors.

In our first year our goal was to provide an opportunity for 10 veterans to hunt at local farms in the Maryland and Delaware area. We are happy to report that we were able to take 7 service members out for a hunt in 2016. The more we grow as a Foundation the more we will be able to give back.

Ultimately we have formed HHF out of a love and respect for our military and we see this as our way of conveying our appreciation, and the appreciation of everyone who gets involved through us, to our service members.